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Community for the Christian Writer
It is a place where writing ideas and storylines can
be stimulated and nurtured among a diverse cross
section of Christian writers–from all genres. The
WordArtist community is the perfect place for
encouraging the newbie writer, for refreshing the
spirit of the intermediate writer, and for offering
gratification to the advanced writer.
Members of the WordArtist Community
contribute research notes, fact checks and reports,
content they've developed and/or published, and
other relevant information they feel is important to
share with their fellow writers  This wealth of info  
provides continuous series of "how-to" tutorials,
essential  techniques and tips of interest to and for
use by
Christian writers.  
The contributors to TEAM JESUS CHRISTIAN
use technology, apps, and internet programs
to spread the Gospel... meeting the directive of the
Lord to get His message out to unbelieving persons
around the world.  Assistance with identifying markets
for submission is provided to
TEAM JESUS members.
Posted articles and stories of emerging, intermediate
and/or established  
Christian Writers.  All have an
opportunity to
SHOWCASE their work.  By-lines and
short bios are included with the posting, along with
contact information that allows the author/writer to be
easily contacted for reprint or further publication.
Not your modern day fairy tales, POSSIBILITY TALES
are stories about real-life destructive situations that
are successfully resolved by the application of
God-centered principles.  The storylines are worked
out through the lives of five wealthy BAPs who have
been walking with the Lord since their early teens.
The Written Words  Publishing Company, the  
WordArtist sponsor, is a Christ-centered
independent co-op publisher that does not receive
or seek denominational funding.  It  reinvests any
and all income resulting from the sale of its
publications (above operating expenses) in other
ministries around the world.
The place where the
development of a high
quality writing skill is
born out of love and  
respect for the power
of words...
...where there is a
genuine understanding
of the impact the Word
of God can have on a
single message.

Encouraging the newbie writer.
Refreshing the spirit of the
intermediate writer.
Offering gratification to the advanced writer.
Check out this month's Spectular Read...
Its an introduction to the newly published "Adventures of Kid Lightning,"
A Holy Spirit-led life adventure for Christian youth.  A fun read for youth
and a unique story plot Christian youth workers will want to use as
Sunday School/Youth Group study material.

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