WordArtists specialize in delivering the message of the Lord Jesus Christ to Christians
within populations and sub-cultures through faith-filled publications and productions.
We are able to outreach to people from all walks of life, people in unique situation such
as being in the armed forces, homebound and suffering with illness, being immigrant,
people struggling with maintaining their walk.
God has promised to bless His Word and
cause it to bear fruit that will honor
Him.  Our goal is to assist in making this so.          
WordArtists are a community of writers, all are members of the Body of Christ, and
while all are free to worship as they chose, the community does not represent a specific
denomination.  All are students of
The Holy Word of God and all understand its power!  
Written Words and its WordArtists hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith
which believes in the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures.
Online/Print Publications         Christian Drama/Films          Writer Skill Enhancement
This WordArtists community has something to offer all Christian writers--newbies,
intermediates, and established writers.
 It provides a welcoming network to
individuals working in a solitary profession. In addition to skill enhancement, there is
the opportunity to showcase the writer's work and receive assistance with the

identification of writers markets.   

One of the most important aspects of the Written Words Cooperative is that we are a
ministry that supports other ministries.  The Co-Op receives no denominational
funding, no funding of any kind.  It reinvests any and all income resulting from the sale
of its member's publications (above operating expenses) in other ministries around the
world.  This is done in the spirit of
...all that we do, we do for the Gospel!
About WordArtists
WordArtists are indies....independent authors working with the Written Words Publishing Cooperative to develop written and spoken
commmunications for a Christian faith-based audience.  They are talented and highly-skilled Christian writers.  
WordArtists use their
artistic-writing talent to spread the good news of the Gospel, the Word of God, and to further understanding of and access to information
about how to live the principles contained within the Christian’s Holy Scriptures. They produce work in many different genres, using many
of today's media formats:  from print to ebooks, videos, podcasts, and drama scripts.  
About WordArtists
"Writers who use words like other artists use paint or clay"
Who We Are...
What We Are Doing...
---Masters-Level WordArtists---
Barbara Gordon is the founder and Chief WordArtist of the Written Words Publishing
Cooperative, home of the WordArtist Christian Writing Community.   Herself a  published
author, author coach, editor and information publisher, Barbara's expertise is in developing
the skills of novice writers, and helping them to find, build and grow loyal readership and
online audiences.  She facilitates and leads creative writing tutorial sessions and enrichment
workshops that have been evaluated as excellent!  Contact her at:  
Kendra Phillips is a cultural custodian and subject-matter expert, producing high quality
non-denominational bible-based Christian study materials for youth, young adults and
women.  She is the author of several faith-based books, writing about the message of Jesus
Christ. With over 15 years as a writing professional, her gift of expression takes many forms,
most notably those of writer, storyteller, and Christian materials development specialist.  
Write to her at:  
Cheyenne Sims is a true dramatist-- an acting coach, a playwright and actress.  She is a
public school English and Drama teacher; and has taught for over 16 years, in addition to
acting in local community theater.  This passionate Word Artist creates fun-filled drama
lesson plans and games that introduce the craft of acting to aspiring young actors.  She does
a masterful job of coaching acting students while encouraging them to emotionally and
intellectually grasp the big concepts recorded in the sacred annals.  Contact her at:
Planning Pizazz.
Ray Cordoba is a "good ole' Southern" style Baptist preacher man.  He is the author of nine
non-fiction books which read just like his public speaking sounds...alive, necessary and
informational.  His awareness that today's Christian is basically "Biblically illiterate"
prompted him to produce print and online books that aid bible studiers in significant ways.  
He teaches bible students how to get "a word" from the Holy Scriptures that is the clear,
accurate and is the insightful truth of God.  Contact him through the WordArtists website at:   
Neidre Mychals is a Christian Warrior with a pen, dedicated to providing the professional,
clear and accurate Bible study books and materials that today's seeking Christian will find
relevant to their experience.  Her writing specialty includes fellowship building, relationship
challenges and family dynamics.  She writes prayers and designs scripture cards to
correspond with her study materials. For a preview of her fiction and poetry, check out her
online page hosted by the
Authors Den website.    
WordArtists is the trademark name of writers who write for the Written Words Table-Top Publishing Company.  For more info, call: 248.464-8837.

 Fulfilling the commission
 God has given us to
 go into all the world
 with the "Good News"...
"The Lord gave the Word: great was the
company of those that published it"  
(Psa. 68:11).

"And the Word of the Lord was published
throughout all the region" (Acts 13:49).