The Ministry of "Just Being There"
By Barbara Gordon, Christian LifeStyle Coach

Written for the many Christian sisters who have a heart to help by encouraging, but need help with appropriately expressing that
heart.  This simple 25-page guidebook is power packed with Godly wisdom and detailed instruction that builds the lay-person's
ability to provide the kind of comforting and compassionate understanding the Lord illustrated in Luke 10:25-37.  Its is a must read
for all Christian sisters desiring to be of effective comfort to another person.  Features a collection of 16 Encouragement Cards.

Costs: 6.99 (download copy)                                                                          9.99 (hard copy includes S&H)
A Difficult Road Traveled
By Rev. G. Peggy McIntosh, Pastor

This epic poem, developed into a Black History rap, holds special appeal for today's sight and sound generation.  It is written in
the style of the currently popular Holy Hip Hop music genre, and is an excellent teaching tool for Christian youth workers
desiring to add the element of culture to their bible-based teaching curriculum.  It encourages young people to express their
faith in a positive, relevant way.

Costs:  5.00 (download copy)                                                                           6.50 (hard copy, includes S&H)  
The Adventures of Kid Lightning
By Kendra Phillips
This 28-page novella introduces the adventures of Junior Wade…a new and exciting and revolutionary style of Sunday School
Primer!  Based on the popular theme of super heroes, the Junior Wade 3-chapter easy reader is an engaging way to introduce
youth to how the kingdom of God is present and at work in our lives today. The super heroes in this series are the nine fruits of
the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23.  Each episode is a fun and inspiring read which show youth living in today’s world how to
cultivate both a Christian character and a Christian lifestyle.    

The Art of Pantomime
By Cheyenne Sims, WordArtist    

This 40-page guidebook features many of the Christian Drama industry's trade techniques for bringin out "divine inspiration" in
new and intermediate actors aiming to perfect the skill of pantomime.  Specifically designed for the young actor, this guidebook
was developed as an aid for adult acting coaches.  The book provides six method practice exercises, thirty drama games, and
one full pantomime production script, along with detailed instruction in how to create voiceless characterization, projecting
emotion, and physical response.  The book focuses on the Christian performance based on scripture or biblical concepts.

                           Costs:  30.00 (download copy)                                                                               45.00 (hard copy, includes S&H)  

the Art of

"When the message is voiceless"  
The Written Words Publishing Cooperative is a Christ-centered independent publishing cooperative that
receives no denominational funding, and reinvests any and all income resulting from the sale of its publications
(above operating expenses) in other ministries around the world.

The Message Magazine

    This magazine is a quarterly publication developed
    especially for Christian writers.   It is available by
    subscription or as a feature of the WordArtist
    Community membership.
The Bookshelf features books and study materials currently in publication by Written Words Publishing Cooperative, operated by the WordArtists
The Making
of a
The Making of A Masterpiece

Get the students involved!  Make them laugh, cry, wonder and using story-scripts as an effective approach to
reaching and teaching all ages.
 The MASTERPIECE Readers Theater is a Bible-based reader's theater program perfect for
and places come alive.  The best part is--
The MASTERPIECE program adds in the power found in the bible stories and
principles of the
Lord's Holy Scriptures.

Costs: 9.99 (download copy)                                                                                 12.50 (hard copy, includes S&H)

The Adventures of
Kid Lightning
Written by
Kendra Phillips
The Sister Circle stories are about five  
BAPs and the significant relationships in
their lives--the Lord and their sister-friends.

These five women are young, beautiful, educated,
compassionate, well-to-do African American
women whose lives are strongly influenced by the
passion in their hearts and are ultimately guided by
God’s principles.  Each story is a page-turner, filled
with captivating schemes for self-improvement,
salvation, and delivery.  In these stories of real life
situations faced by modern-day Christians, many
things go wrong; but one thing always
shifts the
atmosphere... the application of God-Principles!
While these tales are works of fiction, the situations
are real and represent the difficult relationship
issues Christians face today.  

Read a snapshot of each tale by clicking on the
word "snapshot" displayed below.  The tales are
interconnected, just as the lives of good friends
always are.  Enjoy this Christian reading experience!

YOLANDA'S Story: Love U Cannot Mistake    
SABRINA'S Story: Kiss the Frog
RAE'S Story:  Looking for a Super Hero
REGGIE'S Story: Two Hearts One Beat
Jool's Story:  Black Beauty--Glitz & Glamour
Chaos & Opportunity
Intro to
the Sisterhood
Chaos & Opportunity
By Barbara Gordon, WordArtist

Chaos & Opportunity is the story of how the sister-friend relationship began between the girls.   This story about the boarding
school lives of five teenage girls is not a YA read (Young Adult).  It is the tender and touching story of what life is like when
family ties are weak and the need for acceptance is strong.  It is the story of how God protects those who suffer with loneliness
and rejection.  A story too many experience during the pivtol transition period of adolescence.

Chaos & Opportunity:   The full edition is available as a free download.  Read it here.
...of the
Sisters' Circle
Book Series--
.."Delivering the
Message of the
Lord Jesus"
"Meet  the  
Partners for the Journey...The Christian Writer' Small Group Start-Up Guidebook
By Kendra Phillips, WordArtist                            

Within a Christian writer’s group, there is only one expectation that can be had:  to share in a unique fellowship, one in which the
writer has the privilege of full freedom of expression, and with their work protected.  Having and respecting this expectation helps
the members to identify (successful match) with the group and ensures an attitude of commitment to positive participation.  This
informative books serves as a guide to forming and maintaining a bible-based writing group for Christians.

Costs: 6.99 (Download Copy)                                                                           9.99 (Hard Copy, includes S&H)
The Lingo ...a Glossary of Terms for Actors
By Neidre Mychals, WordArtist

A book defining the language and terms used in the acting industry, written with wording that is youth friendly!  Aspiring
young actors are introduced to the craft of acting on stage, in commercials and in film through a review of the terms listed.
Christian Drama coaches will find this glossary to be an easy-to-use teaching aid as the terms are listed alphabetically, with
Christian terms highlighted to distinguish them.

Costs: 4.99 (download copy)                                                                                     7.99 (hard copy, includes S&H)

Neidre Mychals