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"Illumination is not a feeling.    
It's a result of a method used by
God to transfer the truth of God
from His Spirit to yours..."
Before you can receive illumination you have to understand how it comes to you and
what it is.  Illumination of God's
revelation comes through inspiration. Many people
think of inspiration as a feeling that shows itself in one of two ways, with both moving
us to get something done, to accomplish something.  Most commonly it is seen as a
highly charged emotional stimuli that motivates us to act.  Just as frequently, it is seen
as an inner-feeling of passion and deep concern that appeals to our sense of
purpose.  Both understandings are correct from man's perspective.  But did you know
these definitions are not quite accurate when looked at from God's Divine perspective
---which explains why so many times our (man-made) inspiration is insufficient or not
very long lasting.  Motivation is not the same as inspiration, and in actuality, the
aforementioned are descriptions of motivation.

Inspiration is a method devised by God and used by God. It is God's process of
communicating His truth in such a way that humans receive it (
illumination) and
record it accurately.  It is the method God used to transfer the truth of heaven from His
Spirit to His "human-writing instruments."  The human writers wrote as directed by and
from God.  The Apostle Peter said,"For prophecy never had its origin in the will of
man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit (IIPeter
1:21). A study of who wrote the Bible should yield you the understanding that
inspiration is a supernatural method whereby man recorded and preserved God's truth
without error/contradiction, and produced the original infallible documents known today
Holy Scripture.  

As the Apostle Paul stated in II Timothy 3:16-17, "All scripture is God-breathed and is
useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness..."  The
definition of inspiration provides an interesting observation:  the second most
recognized meaning of the word inspiration is
"the drawing in of breath, inhalation."  
The Greek translation for the

First, there is revelation ... the Truth of God to be revealed.
Then there is
inspiration ... the process of being mentally stimulated to receive the Truth.
    And then comes the
illumination ... the ability to undertand and apply God's Truth.
Dr. Mike Williams of Wisdom 4
describes the Inspiration, the Word of God as
spoken by the Holy Spirit to holy men of God.

                                         Writing Lesson: Framework Questions
Thought Focus:  The Christian Writer's (CW) goal for each piece of work is:  to produce text
that is thorough, biblical, readable, and enlightening.  When we write as a CW, we write as one
seeking the mind of God about a specific topic.  Success in Christian writing is realized when what is
written fits who we are as a child of God, when we find a related scripture for what has been written,
and when the outcome of our work is peace.  Not peace as in "stillness or calm".   But the kind of
peace that Jesus gives:  wholeness; nothing missing.