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      ...for sermons, dramatic illustrations and faith-based writing topics.
One positive feature of today's technology is the "internet."  There are many
online sources of assistance when creativity runs out or stalls. Build a  
personal directory of data and topic insight resources.  Its important that
Christian Writers find and use sources that are bible-based.  Below please
find a few of the
WordArtists' favorites.  
          Free Download
    The Lingo
    A book defining the language
    and terms used in  the acting
    Wording is youth friendly!

    Research the competition.  Don't fall into that place where you've completed a project only
    to   find the topic has been done many times over.  Research writers in your genre and see what
    content they are doing, producing and what content  is moving (popular, selling).  BuzzSumo   and
    Social Crawlytics are two tools you can use to find that out.

           Bible Storytelling
             Guide Download
    Bible stories are powerful!  Learn to tell them from a place
    of power.  Learn how to achieve your objective when you tell,
    and how to leave your audience wanting more.  Christian
    storytellers are able to lift the story-message off the pages of the
    Bible and to tell those stories in a way that reaches out to a
    widening world. This 5-chapter guidebook tells you how to tell,
    prepare and to deliver. offers podcasts of all of
    our favorite television evangelists.  See sermon
    presentations you've missed.  Listen in when
    you need motivation or special insight.  Not only
    do podcasts not take up space in your office,
    sermon podcasts are great motivational, study
    and/or research tools.  The mission of
    SermonIndex is the preservation and
    propagation of classical Biblical preaching and
    the promotion  of genuine Biblical revival to this
    generation.  You'll find a ton of really great

    Get out and about...
    promote your work!  

    Find local readings, book signings, poetry
    slams, open mics and other literary events
    through Poetry & Writers' new "Poets &
    Writers Local" app.  For more information
    Creativity Notebook.       
    Many  times being a professional
    writer is tough. That's when you
    pull out the one surefire tool you
    can use to keep yourself inspired,
    organized and on schedule.  

    READ about the notebook that's
    more than ordinary!

    Advances in technology have made it
    possible for writers to interact with readers
    in many different ways. Social media sites
    such as Twitter or Facebook allow us to
    instantly contact and be contacted by our
    audience.   Use social media as a way to
    market your writing.  Let your audience know
    when and where something you've written
    can be found.  Make an announcement
    poster, complete with photo, to make an  
    eye-catching image of your work.  
Check out the
Faithwriters website
sponsored by Xulon
Publishing.  The site has a
large articles database
whose content is great for
newsletters and church

Additionally, the site offers
a book review service...
and provides the exciting
opportunity to do reviews.   Check it out:  

          NEED GRAPHICS?
    Canva (  
    is yet another web-based graphic
    editor, but it can be used to make
    much more than just infographics.
    Options include graphics for
    popular social media sites such  
    as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,
    Instagram, and Pinterest.  It also
    features office document designs
    such as presentations and
    letterheads; writer-oriented
    graphics such as eBook or Kindle
    covers; printed material designs
    such as postcards, invitations,
    and flyers... the list goes on and

    The stock library contains
    thousands of photos and
    illustrations (many of them free)
    that you can use to customize
    your design. Finished designs can
    be shared to the web, or
    downloaded as images (PNG or
    JPG) or PDF files.
                           NEED CHARTS?
Piktochart ( is another online chart
creator that comes with pre-made templates for the
graphically-challenged. The wide array of beautifully
designed templates means that there is something for
everyone, and as all templates are fully customizable, all
you have to do is upload your own images to make each
infographic your own. Don't have any of your own images
to upload? Not to worry, the stock icon and photo library
contains plenty of images you can choose from.
Completed infographics can be downloaded as images
(PNG or JPG), printed out as posters, or shared to the
Internet. Like most freemium tools, Piktochart comes with
many additional features that you have to upgrade (pay)
to use, but the free account actually contains a
surprisingly large number of features that should be
enough to satisfy a standard user. You have to register for
an account to use Piktochart, or you can log in using your
Facebook or Google account.
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