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"Yes, mine is the thrill of reaching millions...making them laugh,
weep, sympathize, hunger, love, reject, and think!  I inform as
well as entertain.  I inspire as well as charm.  I comfort and drive
to action--both personal and public actions.  I don't just have a
testimony, I am a testimony.  Mine is indeed a power...a power
both fascinating and received from God.  I keep Him first, I write
what He says, proclaiming His message through my writing."
I am a Christian Writer!
"When the World Is Broken"
by Pastor G P McIntosh
"Scriptural Solutions"
By Barbara Gordon
"Diversity of Life"
By Neidre Mychals
"Certain Women"
By Kendra Phillips
"Three Cups of Tea"
By Neidre Mychals
Short Stories
"It Matters to This One"
By Latayne C Scott
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            The Day I Met Daniel
    It was a clear, but cold, winter's day when
    I met Daniel. He was a stranger in town,
    and his appearance made it very easy to
    tell he wasn't one of us.  The huge back
    pad he carried on his back made it look
    like he was a drifter traveling with all his
    worldly possessions. Although that's not
    always a bad thing, news reports indicate
    it is usually a dangerous thing.  But--that
    still small voice inside me insisted I
    approach Daniel and find out what kind of
    person he was.  That encounter changed
    my life.  READ MORE
Affirmations of Power
By Neidre Mychals
The Adventures
of Kid Lighting
By Kendra Phillips
"Without A
Father's Love"
By Vivi Anderson
--Unknown Author
Pick of the Month!
Christian Drama
Short Youth Actors Skit:     The Genie (For Youth/Preteens)
One-Act Play:     When The Son Returns (Easter Play)
One-Act Play:    Step Dads are Fathers, Too
Readers Theater Script:     The Bundles  
Readers Theater Script:      Chicken LIttle
"Divine Ministry"
By Barbara Gordon
Readers Theater Script:  Modern Day Adam and Eve    
Readers Theater Script: How Benjamin Came to Be An "A" Student

A Hot Fudge
By Barbara Gordon
By Barbara Gordon
"The Life That Jane Built"
By Barbara Gordon
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    He asked.

God said.