The Christian Communicators
The Twenty-First Century Christian worker has the exciting opportunity to deliver
the Lord's message in a number of effective and far-reaching ways:  as a
writer, an
evangelist (preacher/teacher), as a playwright  or screenwriter...even as a
dramatist.  These modern-day communicators write in several different modes for
diverse readerships and audiences around the world.  Exciting?  Yes, but also

The Christian Communicator groups are for Christian laborers who write or speak
(or who do both), who desire like-minded support while sweating out the process
of drafting, revising and rewriting while maintaining an inconsistent schedule.   
These groups are less about critique and more about "how-to," "where to find
resources," and "staying on the clarity/accuracy track" of God's word.  
Script Writing 101 & 102
Script writing groups enable Christians writers to tell and prepare their stories for
film, television, video or dramatic presentation (plays).  Both Script Writing 101
and 102 are set up as writing critique groups, not as instruction opportunities.

In the 101 groups, beginner script writers work together to build up the skills
needed to take their script from idea to first draft...exploring plot concepts and
structures while making decisions relative to audience interests.  In the 102
groups, the writers work on specific projects, working to assist each other with
adding in those aspects of good storytelling which will make the project
Dazzle Christian Drama Ministries Groups
Christian Drama is a powerful art form, with special appeal to today's generation,
and is an effective evangelism outreach tool...it draws the friends, neighbors
and families of the involved.  Attendance at the drama event is not the beginning.  
Did you realize each Christian dramatic event is especially written by a Christian
writer... a writer with a special life-changing lesson or message?  Is that you?

The drama ministries' writing groups work to put recognized drama methods,
wholesome script-content, and writing techniques into sermon illustrations,
speaking presentations, plays/skits, and/or performances for a Christian
audience.   Mainly, the groups reviews each other's work, shares resources and
shortcuts, collaborate on a project.   The groups usually meet via Skye on
Saturday mornings or afternoons (group member preference) twice each month
in 90-minute sessions.  Work is shared via email or by One Drive.
As there is a lot of work yet to do, and fresh insights are always a plus, all established groups are open to  welcome
new membership.  The Drama Ministries Groups offered online typically limits participation to 10 members.  
Inclusion in a group is by application in an effort to
make the right group matches.  
The Writing Group Experience
Members of the WordArtists Community have two opportunities to participate in each other's writing journey:  (1) through online and/or in-person writing
; (2) or by being pen-pals.  Enhancing the work and/or skill level becomes an adventure when it is shared and is determined by interest, focus--and
sometimes by location.  We call that
"being matched in a writing group".  Writing Groups provide accountability partners who help to battle procrastination,
mental blocks, interruptions, lack of encouragement, as they give the gift of support.  Writing, even writing as a Christian, can be a solitary experience.  But,
it needn't be!

Review the descriptions listed below of the writing groups the WordArtists are currently seeking to expand. If you see one you like, complete a Group App.
Inclusion is by application only as each group is a closed group.  If you do not see a group you like, remember the
WordArtists can help you start your own.        
Small Group Startup guidebook for individuals desiring to start their own writer's group can be downloaded from the Bookshelf page.  
"Partners for the Journey"
WordArtists name and define their small
groups by types in an effort to add a little

to the activity, and to ensure the
group's focus matches that of its members.  
Like the WordArtists Community, the groups
are non-denominational.

Some writers struggle with whether group
participation is right for them.  Reading the
excert from the
Small Group Start-Up
will help with making that
decision.  READ HERE.
Small groups are a huge part of the life of
many churches today.  Small groups within
the church community exist to help get
people connected.  Sunday morning or
evening bible classes are often broken
down into smaller groups.  Small groups
promote Christian fellowship, and informal
opportunities to learn in every area of the
Christian's life.  Many people point to the
ministry of Jesus as an example of what a
small group looks like.  Jesus chose twelve
men to be with Him as He traveled, and He
taught these twelve disciples many things
about God.  He ate with these men,  He
taught them the Scriptures, He even
allowed them to ask questions, and He
modeled for them what it meant to be
Christ-like.  The Lord chose three of the
twelve men to form his "inner circle," men
who were closest among His Earthly
Some up-and-coming Wordartists prefer to keep the exchange of their ideas
and thoughts limited.  They make the bold choice to work with one or two others
for the sake of receiving the most attention for their work.  Support is provided
via emails or
Facebook video messaging for the purpose of discussing and
editing each other's work.  Resource are shared through

It is the
Pen-Pals themselves who decide how often, when, and how to best to
contact each other.  The
WordArtists provide the procedure to follow for getting
the most out of a pen-pal arrangement, and provide the contact info for potential
pen-pals.  Register for this service by completing the application--link found at
the top of this page.
WordArtists Small Groups/Pen Pals are programs of the WordArtists Community.  All Rights reserved.  Copyright 2017.
Because these groups are for the busy writer, they meet online and function as a Facebook group with forum
capabilities.  In this way, personal schedules don't matter.  Members are able to submit their work for evaluation
and critique at any time.  The groups feature contests and writing prompt challenges.

"Two are better
than one, because
they have a good
reward for their
--Ecclesiates 4:9