Keepsakes for Goodness' Sake
This crafty group of eight busy women  
CHRISTIAN DRAMA Ministries Group
Christian Drama is a powerful art form, with special appeal to today's generation, and is an
evangelism outreach draws the friends, neighbors and families of the involved.  
Attendance at the drama event is not the beginning.  Did you realize each Christian dramatic
event is especially written by a Christian writer... a writer with a special life-changing lesson or
message?  Is that you?

The Drama Ministries Group offers an online experience limited to 11 members, with three
openings.  The group meets via Skye on Saturday mornings twice each month in 90-minute
sessions to review each others writing projects, which they share via email or One Drive.  Several
of the members are collaborating on a project.   Inclusion in group is by application.  
Dazzle Christian Drama Ministry
Exclusively for the training of Christian Dramatists.  While drama training is for everyone, Dazzle
is a special ministry for Christians pursuing a career in drama...a ministry that serves the
members in the family of God.  More than just another faith-based
group, Dazzle is a results-
allow the Christian light to shine."  

This online group of five writers work together to put recognized drama methods and wholesome
script writing techniques into sermon illustrations, speaking, plays/skits, and/or performances
before an audience.  
As there is a lot of work yet to do, the group welcomes new membership.
Creative Cluster Writing Groups
Members of the WordArtists Community have the opportunity to participate in each other's journey through
online and/or in-person writing groups.  Enhancing the work and/or skill level becomes an adventure when it is
shared by interest and focus-- we call that
"being matched in a Creative Cluster Writing Group".  Writing Groups
provide accountability partners who help you battle procrastination, mental blocks, interruptions, lack of
encouragement, and give the gift of support.  Writing, even writing as a Christian, can be a solitary experience.  
But, it needn't be!

Review the descriptions of the Creative Clusters listed below. If you see one you like, complete a Group App...
inclusion is by application only as each group is a closed group.  If you do not see a group you like, remember
WordArtists can help you start your own.  We offer a Small Group Tutorial and guidebook for individuals
desiring to start their own Cluster.  The guidebook download is below.
"Partners for the journey"
Many will even point to the life of Jesus as an example of what a small group
looks like.  Jesus chose twelve men to be with Him as He traveled and taught
these twelve disciples to learn about God.  He ate with these men, He taught
them the Scriptures, He even allowed them to ask questions, and He
modeled for them what it meant to be Christ-like.  Small groups are clearly
an important part of the church today.  

ome groups struggle with what topics or resources to use in their groups,
or wonder how a group should function
.  The WordArtists have developed a
guidebook that provides detailed steps for group function.
 Its free!
Creative Clusters (small groups) are a huge part of the life of many churches today.  Small groups
within the church community exist to help get people connected, living in Christian fellowship in every
area of their lives.  WordArtists re-named their small groups "Creative Clusters" simply to add a little
distinction to the matter.