Yolanda wanted to be president of the PEA since she was seven years old.  The
PEA, the Positive Effect Advertising agency, was the Yeats family’s Fortune 500
Company.  Her seventh year was the year her Gullah/Geechee mother, a museum
curator, went back to live on Kiawah Island for good.  It was the year Yolanda began
to carry a briefcase and whenever Daddy went into the office, so did Yolanda…
Daddy’s little “Yoyo.”  Henry Yeats allowed Yolanda to tag along wherever he went,
business meetings included.  She was smart, well-behaved, and attentive.  But at
the end of the fourth grade, Henry took his brother’s advice and put his Yoyo in
boarding school.  He wanted his beloved only child to know more than how to
calculate and analyze public appeal.

Yolanda’s appetite for the ad game never diminished.  By the end of the sixth grade
she had her own cubical in the company offices.  Although she joyfully spent the
month of July with her mother on the island off the coast of South Carolinas, to
Yolanda a whole four weeks of her ten week summer vacation spent with swimming
and artifacts was just too long.  Yolanda was once heard explaining to her mother,  
“I do have real accounts.  I’m not playing at anything.  I read opinion polls, product
profiles, and I sit in on concept meetings.  I work with the creative teams on my

When Miriam Yeats checked with her husband, she found Yolanda did indeed work
as an “consultant” at the PEA.  “Sweetheart,” Henri assured his wife, “it’s a good
thing, honestly.  She seems to have a natural talent for the developing campaigns.  
She’s indispensable to our youth accounts!”

So--no one was surprised when Yolanda decided, at the end of her sophomore
year at Princeton to finish her coursework at Georgetown University in D.C.  She
wanted to be hands on with her promotion to the position of Creative Director-Youth
Division.  All, however, were surprised when two months after she graduated from
Georgetown with a degree in Marketing that her father announced she was to take
her place with all the other top-level account executives at the PEA.  Henry gave her
a corner office and made her lead of her own five-man creative team.  

At twenty-two, Yolanda Yeats supervised and coordinated accounts with a team of
men who had been in the business for as many years as she was old.  She handled
her team with the strength of a true leader.  Like her people, the people of the Gee
Chee nation, Yolanda could be somewhat temperamental.  Usually she was “nice,”
her high level of intelligence made it possible for her to always be on point, but not
easy to please or easily placated.  Most of PEA’s employees called her controlling.

And control the operations of the PEA was exactly what Yolanda meant to do.  The
PEA was not publically owned.  It was owned by the Yeats and governed by a paid
board, not stockholders. Yolanda looked forward to her father’s retirement because
that meant, as his only heir, she would become the company’s president.  At least
that was the plan until a “thirty year old Wiz Kid” named Marc Hamilton was brought
into the U.S. Division of the company.  According to Henry Yeats, Marc had the
midas touch—every account given him in the European Division resulted in
tremendous success.  Henry began to rely on Marc in the same way he dotes on his
little Yoyo…

Yolanda isn’t sure which was worst—that Henry made Marc the division’s Creative
Director or that their glass-paneled offices were directly across from each other.  
She finds contact with her new boss insufferable!   She hates everything about
him…the way everyone else likes him, including her girls  She hates the way her
own father treats him like a long, lost son.  But most of all, she hates that everyone
assumes Marc Hamilton is on the fast track to the company’s presidency.  Tried as
she did, she couldn’t get over the fact that for some reason his eyes had the power
to hold hers spell bound.  Tried as she did, she can’t get Marc to go away.

Marc, on the other hand, found himself always in competition with the woman he'd
like to get to know in a way that had nothing to do with work.  But--He was aware
that he did know something Yolanda Yeats did not.  He knew that what was
happening between them was
a love you cannot mistake.
The book Love You Cannot Mistake is one in a series conceptualized, written, and copyrighted (2015) by Barbara Gordon. All Rights Reserved.
Yolanda M'Chelle Yeats
    A WordArtistTM Adventure
    Tale No. 1:  
    Love You Cannot Mistake
Think you might like Yoyo?  
Her drive and personality is no
doubt a lot like someone you
know.  She's complicated,
having come from a home that
to outsiders appears to be
broken.  When, in fact, her
parents' love for each other is
so solid they are able to allow
each the freedom to pursue
their dream--even though that
means separation.  But what
about Yoyo?  Is it because
she's never seen that type of
day-to-day interaction between
a man and his woman that
causes Yoyo to fail to see the
love that is right before her?  
And wait until you find out that
most of the men in the office,
like Marc, believe a "woman's
place is in the home!" In 2016?
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Tale Two:  
"Kiss the Frog"
Sabrina Elizabeth Covington, the only child of Congressman Saul Covington
and his wife Marcia, is a real
BAP (a Black American Princess).  She lives in
castle,(otherwise known as a 12.5 million dollar suburban estate) and rules over
a small kingdom (her doting parents cater to her every wish and her girlfriends
acknowledge her as the center of their circle).  And, as it is with all true
princesses, her beauty is can be found both in her inner-person and in her
outward appearance.
Sabrina Elizabeth Covington
A study-seminar at the Sorbonne' takes Rina to Paris in the springtime, a time
when the City of Lights is alight with love and she makes new friends while there.
One new friend, however, is not French--he is a black guy from the States, a
talented artist, one of the most intelligent people Rina has ever met, and is
unfortunately dirt poor.  Rina ignores her heart and makes sure her relationship
with "Kwame" never goes beyond the boundaries of "good friend" because she
knows he would never fit into her upper class world.  

Rina obviously left her heart and her mind in Paris...because everywhere she
went she saw and heard things that reminded her of the charming starving artist
she said goodbye to in Paris.  Artwork at the hospital where she did volunteer
work, was done in a style she had come to think of as uniquely Kwame's.  People
began to quote a young man whose personal style was to reply to whatever with
an appro quote; something Kwame did frequently.  Rina threw herself into her
volunteer work and into her sister-friend Yolanda's wedding preparations in an
effort to keep Kwame out of her head.  In desperation, she even began to date
the young man her father picked out for her.  And, although Howard was every
thing a girl could ever want, he was "no Kwame."

Then, on the very day of Yolanda's wedding, Kwame suddenly and unexpectantly
walked back into Rina's life.  Only this time, while he was every bit as charming,
he wasn't an artist.  He wasn't starving.  He wasn't even poor.  His name wasn't
even Kwame. The conclusion Rina came to was the only one she could--her
beloved Kwame was an imposter, a dirty rotten scoundrel!  He was no prince, he
was nothing but a
After much to do about nothing, and there was alot of that, Rina did finally kiss
the frog and he turned into a real life prince...fortune and all.
Tale No. 3:  Rae’s Story  
"Looking for a Super Hero"

Within five months Rina’s marriage, the whole world changes for the five sister-friends.  
Gone are the sleepovers, the week long shopping trips, and all nighters in downtown D.
C.   With Sabrina and Yolanda now married, and Reggie’s high-powered time consuming
job on Capital Hill, Rae and Jools are left with next to nothing to do with their time.   So
when Jeremy and Gerard offered Rae a job organizing their new art gallery, Jools
accompanies Rae to Paris.

Although she’s not a professional organizer, not even an events planner, the fellows ask
Rae for her assistance because they like her sense of style and her take-charge attitude.
Neither man has said as much to the other or verbalized their interest to anyone else,
but both are very  much interested in Rae--romantically.

The fellows introduce Rae and Jools to the most exciting city on Earth, with the end result
being the transformation of Rae into a confident young woman unafraid to take risks.  
Somewhere amidst all the attention Rae was getting from Jeremy and Gerard her long
hair disappeared, along with her intense comportment of Christian behavior.

A dare and some expensive Champagne leads the girls to enter a beauty contest that
ends with Jools receiving a screen-test back in the States and Rae winning the pageant.  
Rae becomes the “darling of Paris.”  She had seen that kind of magic happen for
Yolanda, Sabrina, and Reggie—and it was always happening to Jools.  
But being the popular sought-after girl isn’t what Rae thought it would be.  It was overwhelming for the young woman most
people described as the serious-minded, plain one.  Without Jools, without any of the girls who had walked through most of
her life with her, Rae felt the life she was living was empty.  She lapsed into depression.

One dreadful rainy evening, while lonely for her sister-friends and confused by the dynamics occurring between herself,
Jeremy and Gerard, Rae enjoys one toast too many.  The unthinkable, the worst thing that can happen to a
church girl,
happens.  Rae finds herself pregnant and not at all sure of who she was intimate with.  

More ashamed than she ever thought she could be, Rae returns to the States and to parents who are both pastors.  With
their assistance and guidance, Rae undergoes a major soul check-up—one that happily ends with the real father of her child
revealing himself in a way that proves he is the rightful true love of her life. (God is good all the time, in every situation!)
The book Kiss the Frog is one in a series conceptualized,written, and copyrighted (2015) by Barbara Gordon.  All Rights Reserved.

    Admit it...we all know a "church girl."  Hey, that description might even fit you.  We all love the church girl, the girl who is
    too  good to be true. And then, something happens that proves she's just human like the rest of us.

    A good girl in trouble should not be a shock.   Who else would the enemy of the church be after but a good girl?
    Neither will it surprise Christians reading Rae's story to see how God unfolds His protection and grace in the life of a
    good girl in trouble.                                      
The book Looking for a Super Hero is one of a series conceptualized, written and copyrighted (2015) by Barbara Gordon.  All Rights Reserved.
Rae, before Paris...
Rae, after makeover
Tale No. 4:  Two Hearts
That Beat As One

A Princeton Graduate, with an advance degree in Psychology, Reggie lands a job working in
her best friend’s father’s office—that is, a job on Capital Hill working for Congressman Saul
Covington.  Reggie finds she loves her job, almost as much as she loves the Congressman’s
Chief of Staff.
“Regina and Howard”, are an unlikely match.  She is an urban-type from New Jersey and
Howard is straight up old French Quarters New Orleans.  Reggie—the nick name she’s
known by—is quick-witted and sassy.  He’s polite, politically correct and scholarly.  She’s a
mocha-colored idea of the perfect Nubian princess.  Howard is Matthew McConaughey dyed
tan.   In spite of, and perhaps because of, all the differences, Howard deeply loves Regina.  
The feeling is mutual.

Reggie has always thought of life as being good, but never before in her twenty-three years
have all her wishes come true at the same time.  She finds herself in love with the man of
many-a-girl’s dreams, doing so well on the job that the Congressman wrote and published
an article highlighting her as up and coming, and she has the best sister-friends in the world
with which to share it all.  
Then--the unthinkable happens!  Reggie’s mom is injured in an automobile accident.  Her mom, becomes a comatose victim and
Reggie is advised to move her to a convalescent center.  Wanting the best care for her mother, Reggie selects a facility she cannot
afford.   She and Howard search through her mother’s financial papers and personal belongings hoping to find something that can
be translated into the cash needed to meet the medical expenses.  They find a couple of insurance policies and money market
certificates, the value of which might cover the convalescent facility’s expenses for a month.  No longer.  They also find what turns
out to be authentic Rockart of the Shara.  One piece—made of cowrie shells,  glass beads, cross-shaped copper ingots; all
traditional symbols of kingship among the Kansansi and KiPushi people of the Zimbabwe Plateau—also contains a diamond the size
of a walnut.

Reggie calls on her best friend Rina, who was an Art major in college, to help her figure out the value of the Rockart pieces.  But it
is their sister-friend Yolanda’s mother Miriam Yeats, a Gullah-Geechee African art expert, who knows exactly the true value of the
pieces.  Miriam insists Reggie return the pieces to the royal family of Zimbabwe from which they were stolen. But Reggie refuses to
even consider leaving her mother while she is sick.  Miriam finds Howard easier to approach and shows an old newspaper article.  
There, along with a photo of the royal family, is a lengthy article about the value and significance of the artifacts that were stolen
from their palace.  Howard sees a young girl who looks a great deal like Reggie herself, and exactly like Reggie’s mother.   

It was only Reggie’s love and respect for Howard that got her to see the importance of leaving her mother’s bedside.  Howard talked
her into making the trip to the Zimbabwe to return the lost artifacts by convincing her the reward for doing so would cover her
mother’s mounting medical bills.  Just as Howard suspected, there was so much more to be gained from making the trip. Reggie
finds that because of Howard she gains all the things she’s always secretly wanted—a father, a mother, a sister and the strong love
of a truly wonderful man.
The book Two Hearts That Beat As One is one in a series conceptualized, written, and copyrighted (2015) by Barbara Gordon. All Rights Reserved.
Tale No. 5: Black Beauty--
Glitz and Glamour

Julia Diane Denison (aka “Jools”) is recruited by Kristina’s, America’s
premiere modeling agency, to go to Hollywood to screen for a role in a
new BET series.  “Dre,” DeAndre Martin—Jool’s boyfriend—makes it
clear that he doesn’t want her to go.  But he’s never been able to
control her and he didn’t win the battle he fought to keep her home in
Washington DC.  

Soon after arriving in Hollywood, Jools is discovered as a new acting
talent and suddenly “blows up”.  She makes it big!  The producers
make her the star of a hit BET series and re-titles the show “Black
Beauty.”  Her white features, straight hair and skin the color of tea,
made her everything white Hollywood wanted in a black actress.  She
looked and spoke like a white girl but was legitimately a person of color.

Her new life, without the sister-friends (and Dre, of course) she left back
in DC, is not everything they say it is on the television entertainment
gossip shows.  Her life is fast--it’s too fast, but Jool’s sassiness leads
everyone to believe she’s handling it.

Jools meets Antonio Caprizo, a hot Italian model.  He becomes her new
boyfriend, as arranged by the studio’s public relations department.  
While she enjoys the crazy antics of her fake European lover, Jools
discovers early in the game that there really is no place like home.  She
misses Andre.  After listening to the entertainment news stories about
Antonio and Jools, Dre refuses to answer her calls and vows he’s never
going to see or talk to her again.   

Lonely and missing what use to be, and bound to her new life by
ironclad contracts, Jools becomes everything the PR department thinks
up.  She attends every celebrity event, walks all the red carpet movie
openings they can find, and hangs out night after night with Antonio, as
they attempt to beat the “It Crowd’s” record for successive partying.  
Tired and completely worn out, she fails to notice that Antonio has
developed the habit of “dropping” pills to keep his energy levels up.  
One ill-fated night, Antonio crashes her Bentley with Jools in it.  

Lying all alone in a hospital bed in Los Angeles, she is told she’ll never
walk again...and she doesn’t… until finally and at long last, she chooses
to go home to DC, where Dre' doesn’t quit until she walks into his arms.
Glitz and Glamour

Julia Diane Denison
Jools is so identifiable!  She is    
so like that part of each of us that
doesn't use the strengths and
blessings God has given us.  As  
we mature, we come to know that
true beauty is on the inside.  How
beautiful you look actually depends
on your character.  Jools' life
operates the opposite.  Her looks,
her physical beauty, brings her
much attention, some positive,
some negative.  But-- her good
looks do not bring her what she
wants most in life:  acceptance, to
belong.  Time after time she fails to
use her God-given assets as tools
to fight that spirit of rejection  
plaguing her life.  Worst of all, the
tools she does use as her weapons
of defense are a bad attitude and a
smart mouth.

Be sure to read Jool's story to learn
how she and God put her life back
together again.
The book Black Beauty-Glitz and Glamour is one in a series conceptualized, written, and copyrighted (2015) by Barbara Gordon. All Rights Reserved.

              Tale No. 1:  Love You Cannot Mistake                     Available   August 1, 2018
              Tale No. 2   Kiss the Frog                                         Available   October 1, 2018
              Tale No. 3   Looking for a Super Hero                      Available   December 1, 2018
              Tale No. 4   Two Hearts That Beat As One               Available   February 1, 2019
              Tale No. 5    Black Beauty: Glitz & Glamour              Available   April 1, 2019

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    She was as lovely as a person
    could be.  Unspoiled, generous
    heart, and a sincere love for
    people.  If she had any faults, it
    was simply this:  Rina was a
    people pleaser.  She would
    rather break her own heart than
    fail at keeping the standards her
    upscale, bushy parents
    established for her.  

    Perhaps it was because Rina
    was such a good person, that
    the negative circumstances that
    plagued her life turned around--
    after all...God specializes in
    turning evil into good for those
    who love Him.