Calling Christian Writers...
                            Calling all compassionate and hope-filled Christian writers:  Time to report for duty!  Join the movement!
                                              Write to illustrate God's glory and presence in the events of our lives today.  
The WordArtists identify potential markets that assist TEAM JESUS
writers with getting the good news of the Gospel out into the world!  
There is no shortage of markets.  There
is a shortage of time writers
have to devote to staying up-to-date on listings of publishers accepting
freelance Christian writing.  The
WordArtists take the hassle out of
finding the right place to submit your work.  No fees are ever charged.  
No percentages taken.  

Registered team members receive a monthly tip sheet containing
markets and guidelines for submitting to publishers looking for
Christian-related content.  We identify venues for the Christian
point-of-view to be heard in news, entertainment, and political arenas.
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"The Lord gave the
Word: great was the
company of those
that published it"  
(Psa. 68:11).

"And the Word of the
Lord was published
throughout all the
region" (Acts 13:49).  

Fulfilling the
God has given
us to go into
all the world
with the
"Good News"...
Team Jesus
members write
and publish
His Word.
Many Christian writers write to illustrate God's glory and
presence in the events of our lives today.  They write what
WordArtists call "the Good Reports,"  the subjects
outlined in Philippians 4:8
"...whatsoever things are true,
honest, just, pure, lovely, whatsoever things are of good
report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise
TEAM JESUS members write about these things.          
Members of TEAM JESUS are unique and awesome
Christian writers.  They are media missionaries, writing
about unexplored issues and going into the diverse
genres of today's fast-paced knowledge-hungry world.
Their passion, purpose and skills allows them to fulfill the
Great Commission using today's media.   TEAM JESUS
contributors use technology, apps, and internet programs
to spread the Gospel... meeting the needs of unbelieving
persons around the world.

TEAM JESUS writes content for print publications, a
variety of other genres, and many different media. All
impact the quality of life.
 The Good Reports are a
treasury of positive and inspiring information made
available to the general public and to publishers seeking
material that features the Christian perspective.
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  • Self-Publishing Print Books
  • Social Policy (National Issues)
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  • Urban Issues
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  • YouTube Channels  
Has God given you something specific to write about? Extend your writing ministry by joining this
Let the WordArtists help you get that good word out and into the an opportunity
meet someone's need. Register today.  
They see the light.  They imitate it.   They underscore it.   
They modify it, they reshape it, but they never change it.
They're not afraid to peal back the layers of truth and examine its depth.
They write for Christ, not just about Him.
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The WordArtists seek to develop writers who are willing to function in a new genre, as
media missionaries…those talented writers are Christians capable of using today’s
technologies and social media to advance the good news of Jesus Christ and His doctrine.  
We call these high-tech missionaries
"TEAM JESUS!"  READ:  The Age of Media
The Age of Media is not "going to occur".  It is not in some distant time or world.  The Age of Media is here and now. There
currently at least two media devices being used in every home in America.  There are currently 206 countries in the world, with
close to 200 countries utilizing television as their major source of public communication.  Cell phones, cable tv, podcasts, laptops,
tablets, digital radio, Ipods, sound recorders....and much more.

How are we to use this media in response to the Great Commission?  We are confident we know how to do it. The
who make up "
TEAM JESUS" have the answer!  READ MORE
Now is the time to stand up for Jesus!