Encouraging the newbie writer.
Refreshing the spirit of the
intermediate writer.
Offering gratification to the advanced writer.

                                      Tips, Techniques & Inspiration
Whether they are novelists, content writers and communication
managers, researchers, bloggers, playwrites and directors, screen
writers, fiction freelancers, marketing copywriters, web designers or
indie publishers ... dedicated writers are always exploring ways to
sharpen and equip themselves, and challenge their skills. D
creating, perfecting, publishing.  

The WordArtists' Writing Room provides a place where Christian  
writers and the genre of Christian writing intersect to produce
"masterpieces"...written works of art which serve to effectively
deliver the message of Jesus Christ.

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   The Message Quarterly Newsletter
    The Delivering the Message magazine is a resource
    tool for the Christian writer of today.  Its content equips
    the writer to share the Lord's Truth with others by
    providing the information needed to do so more
    effectively, more clearly, and more efficiently… aids with
    identifying and writing on topics that are both practical
    and reflective of the Lord's heart…as it works to enable
    the writer to look more closely at their skills and reasons
    for writing on behalf of Almighty God.  
The WordArtists provide access to tips, techniques and inspiration
via this website, it's cloud library, it newsletter articles, ebook
publication, and through the Christian WordArtists Facebook page.  
The page provides a special mid-week message called
"HUMP DAY ASSURANCE".  The "Assurances,"  
quotes and scriptures that resonate with the Christian
believer, are inspiring enough to pick up a writer stuck
in a rut and powerful enough to uncover processes
and truths within that writer's own work.  
"The Hub" is the WordArtist Writer's Room

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Inspiration Junction
The WordArtist™ Community contributes a wide range of
material (research notes, fact checks and reports, stories  
and articles) gained through research, to the collection and
storage of information.  All provided materials are meant to
aid their fellow Christian writers and are available only to
registered members of the community.   No costs are
                           Practice & Exploration Lab
                             Building skill, capacity and style.

It is in the Practice & Exploration Lab that developing
writers can experiment with different writing expressions
and test their abilities.  For the Christian writer (CW), this
practice-challenge workout space operates more like a
gym or fitness club.  The Lab's exercises work the CW's
creative muscle and build up good
inspiration, a spiritual
skill that can be transferred into our writing.

As with any exercise regimen, the key to building skill,
strength and stamina is consistency. Working out in the
Lab is a strategic action step that aids the CW with
establishing the writing habit.  Good writers write each
and everyday.  Practice not only makes perfects, it also
aids with learning to write clearly and accurately.

The lab exercises are offered in sets.  Each set provides
two options for interaction:
reading that offers a thought-focus
    (2) a writing exercise and/or practice.
Thought-foci are questions or statements perfect for
reflection or discussion with peers and/or small writing

                                                                                                                             Share Your Story,
                                                                                                                               Share Our Story
                                                                                                   or share His Story.
                                       Post or Get Published!
    Written Words publishes 200-300 word articles and short-short stories submitted by writers who have
    registered with the WordArtist Community.  Submissions accepted for publication can be fiction or non-
    fiction, how-to or best practices articles, paraphrased bible stories, poetry, Sunday School or vacation
    bible school materials or bible class lesson plans, Christian comics, play script or music lyrics.  All
    submissions must contain a positive message  of interest to the Christian community.  Each submission   
    will be edited according to industry standard editorial elements, with published articles including the
    author's short bio and contact information.  Submissions are featured on the BookShelf page.    
All Rights Reserved.  The WordArtists (TM) Community is sponsored by the Written Words Publishing Cooperative as one of its programs and author benefits.   
Welcome to the
"The Hub" is the WordArtist Writer's Room

    Team Jesus
    Christian Voices for today!

    Fulfilling the commission God has given us to go into all the world with the                                                       
    "Good News".  Many Christians writers have a heart to do just that!  Through                                          
    Team Jesus, those Christians have a powerful opportunity to obey the Great                                     
    Commission.  Go to: Team Jesus Page

    Team Jesus members write and publish the message of His Word, write content                                            
    for print publications, a variety of other genre and different media.  All impact the                                    
    quality of life lived and bring about an understanding of the Gospel  of Jesus Christ.                            
    The work of the Team Jesus members is to produce The Good Reports... a treasury of positive and
    inspiring information made available to the general public and to publishers seeking material that features
    the Christian perspective.  The WordArtists' goal is to make Team Jesus good reports a movement!  

    If you are interested in what we do or how we do it, and have questions or  
    comments, feel free to contact us.  While Written Words finds emailing to be a
    simple and convenient way of communication, please know WordArtists can
    also be contacted via Facebook.

    Drop all submissions, comments and questions into
    the mailbox.
The Inspiration Hub
You've come to the place for Christian writers
who want to grow their craft, their skill.  
Noun.  1) A Christian writer whose chief aim is to produce beautiful
works reflective of and based on God's Word.

writer's room
Noun. 1) an atelier, a workroom, a studio for the written communicator.
    Establish the writing habit.  Take the challenge!  Become a better writer.
    Contests, writing prompts, guest blogging...effective and enjoyable ways
    to practice.   
    Exercises and activities to aid in the understanding and application of
    God's Truth in the writings produced by Christian writers.

    This season's writing challenge is open to all writers--newbies, intermediates and published authors. Writers
    are encouraged to share stories of how they have seen or see God's impact in the world today--impacting our
    lives, our families, our ministries, our congregations, our future.  Eighteen (18) finalists will be chosen to have
    their essays and short bios featured on a calendar.  The challenge winner and runner-up will receive cash
    prizes. For detailed information, go to: Writing Contest page.

Yes, mine is the thrill
of reaching millions…
making them laugh, weep, grin,
forego, sympathize, hunger for love,
and think!  
I inform as well as entertain,
I inspire as well as charm,
I comfort or I drive to action.
I don't just have a testimony,
I am a testimony.  
My voice, which is both
unique and fascinating.
It echoes His, Almighty God's.  
Who am I?  
I am a Christian writer.  

2018 Writing Challenge:
Spirit Sightings

                                                                                                                        HAPPY MAIL

    In view of all that a writer has to do in the course of a day, and due to the solitary nature of the experience,
    writers need and love the pick-me-up that comes from receiving happy mail!  Registered members elect to
    exchange emails, prayers, poems, cards, bookmarks, quotes, posters...happy little tidbits that encourage
    and inspire!  
    The Apostle Paul says those who follow Jesus are a "letter from Christ"... written not with ink but with the
    Spirit of the Living God.  The message you send in the form of Happy Mail can be a powerful witness to the
    Spirit working within us.  
"...but exhort one
another daily..."
      Hebrews 3:13